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Helicopter lightweight multipurpose, widespread for its versatility, used in many types of work, both with a baricentric hook that carries people, aviation, tourism and SAR.
Equipped with a free turbine engine mounted on the version of a TURBOMECA ARRIEL 1B, 1D or 1D1,
In the most powerful version, is equipped with FADEC.
The semi-rigid main rotor is equipped with STARFLEX-type joints, ie composite materials, elastomers, which allow flexing and hence bending and shaping of blades as well as pitch variation.
The blades are made of stratified fiberglass, so they are very flexible, robust and anti-corrosion.
Flying controls are through rod connections, assisted by hydraulic actuators.
The instrument panel can be of conventional type or with glass cockpit and contains standard instruments such as altimeter, airspeed indicator, vertical speed indicator, rotor and engine tachometer, artificial horizon, direct reading compass, gyro compass, hsi, turn coordinator, fuel gauge, Engine gauges and warning lights.
It can be equipped with all IFR instrumentation and many options.
Equipped with a 118 – 136Mhz airspeed radio, equipped with intercom, plus a radio navigation aid, a C mode transponder and an ELT (121.5Mhz) frequency transmitter