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Professional services


North West Service has undersigned an exclusive agreement for Italy with Rolex Helicopter AG, a Swiss leading company in the sector of the air business with heavy goods vehicles.
Its fleet is made up of Kaman K-1200 K-max helicopters that are able to perform transports with barycentric tow bar up to kg. 2700. It is the best option for the employment high above the sea level, for heavy, non-dismountable goods transportation and for wood fire interventions.

For information or cost previsions please send your request to: commerciale@nwservice.it

Technical data

Manufacturer: Kaman Aerospace Corp. USA
Construction: two main rotors rotating in opposite directions (Flettner system) – No back rotor

  • Rotor diameter: 2 x 14,70 m
  • Total length: 2 x 15,85 m
  • Height: 2 x 4,14 m
  • Undercarriage length: 2 x 3,80 m
  • Honeywell turbines T5317A-1
  • Power 1343 kilowatt / 1500 PS
  • Fuel consumption 320 liters/ h
  • Cruising range max 480 km
  • Max flight time 2 h 30 min
  • Tank usable capacity 831 liters
  • Cruise speed 185 kmh
  • Climbing rate 762 m / min
  • Max altitude 4600 m
  • Weight with no fuel 2300 kg
  • Max take-off mass external load 5443 kg Max. 2722 kg
  • Crew 1 pilot (no passengers) 


  • Land and archaeological surveys from helicopter
  • Brochure editing
  • Sport and advertisement shooting
  • Works development

NW Service provides services meant for photography operators and film producers. On account of the experience collected so far, NW Service is able to cater to every need for photographic, cinematographic or TV shooting. According to the different requirements helicopters can be designed with no doors or equipped with gyro stabilized shooting systems (Wescam and similar) and with hand-operated damped systems on which both a video camera and a movie camera can be installed.


  • Unauthorized building
  • Unauthorized deforestation
  • Dumps, industrial dumping
  • River and costal pollution
  • Gas pipelines and long-distance power lines
  • Urban and suburban traffic monitoring
  • Railway and motorway monitoring
  • Risk-exposed mountain areas monitoring
  • River banks, coastal erosion monitoring

The helicopter is the most suitable means to monitor any terrestrial activity or phenomenon. New observation items, such as the checking of pollution sources, are flanking the traditional observation items (gas pipelines, oil pipelines, power lines, parks and nature reserves). By monitoring both natural and anthropic events it is possible to check rivers, lakes, see coasts, dumps, industrial settlements, and in so doing, it is possible to detect in advance the possible pollution sources. To support the watching activity it is possible to perform photo-cinematographic shooting, also in the infrared mode, to better put into evidence and document the observation item. Through computerized graphics on video it is also possible to plan some works in order to detect their impact on the territory and find out their correct location.