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NW Service organizes amazing helicopter tours.

Here are some possible places to go:

Berta Distillery

Four generations write the history of brandy, four generations come to create the modern distillery of Berta Roccanivo in Casalotto di Mombaruzzo. Four generations beginning on the July 11, 1866 with the birth of Francesco Berta.

It was the time, that, when Rome was not yet the capital, where the Expedition of the Thousand had just ended and Vittorio Emanuele II was still our king. It was the time of simplicity and rural life, sacrifice and respect for tradition …

Find out more > distillerieberta.it

Domenico Clerico

“For long time, my father was producing grapes that gave to the still existing, Cantina Sociale Terre del Barolo and a modest amount of fruit that he sold in local markets.
It was a small farm of about 4.5 hectares of land.

In 1976 he asked me if I wanted to take over the reins of the company. In agreement with my wife Giuliana I began this great adventure. In those days, producing grapes and sell them was not very profitable so I decided to try my hand with the first test of wine-making …

Find out more > domenicoclerico.com

The Boscareto Resort & Spa

Comfort, beauty and technology

38 rooms & suites, silk on the walls in 5 different shades of color, the handmade furniture in stained maple, the bathrooms with shower and bath tub, the glass sinks.

At the horizon of every room a panoramic view of interwoven hills of vineyards. On every hill a village with a bell tower, castle and towers.

Plenty of space around and in the rooms, combined with comfort and cutting-edge technology …

Find out more > ilboscaretoresort.it