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Helicopter courses


NWS is ATO IT.0044 certified throughout Europe and provides the trainees with a dedicated service all year round. The mainly individual courses start with the enrollment and then go on according to a schedule that best serve the trainee’s needs.
Each period in the year is a good time to enroll. Our staff is available to provide explications and to carry out test flights in order to let you experience first-hand being a pilot!


We propose our courses starting from the achievement of the helicopter private pilot license PPL(H) to go on towards the Commercial Pilot License CPL(H), concurrently obtaining the theoretical qualification for the Air Travel Pilot License ATPL(H). The air job sector also requires specific qualifications for turbine helicopters.
The decision to focus completely on training has enabled us to go deeper into some segments of the sector among which the training for helicopter pilot for wood fires.
Our Fire Fighting course, the only one in Italy, is crucial for those who want to be successful on the job market proving to have the suitable professional skills.
We would like to point out that the decision to carry out flying courses with helicopter involves massive time and money investments. Therefore, it is of vital importance to accurately evaluate the commitment and the devotion that this target requires.

We are at your disposal to suggest and evaluate together the path best serving your needs!


According to the needs expressed by the customer, the courses are subdivided into Basic, Advanced, Specific Training and Ground.


It provides the best possible training to build a basis for a safe flying activity all life long, both for business and for amusement.


The EASA license for Helicopter Private Pilot, valid in the European Community, allows the license-keeper to fly helicopters and to carry passengers for a touristic aim (not commercial service). The course is open to people who have turned sixteen and who have passed the II class medical check at an Aviation Legal Medicine Institution (based in Milan or Genova). The course provides for a minimum of 50 flying hours, a theoretical course, in-group or dedicated, and the text books. The achievement of the Private Pilot license is subordinated to passing a quiz-structured theoretical exam to be held at an ENAC branch venue and a practical exam by a Flight Examiner to be held at the School headquarters.


In compliance with the EASA regulations, valid throughout Europe, NWS provides a modular course to achieve the Commercial Pilot License (H). To be allowed to enter the courses for achieving the Commercial License the following is necessary:
To have the helicopter Private Pilot License
To have turned 18 years old
To pass a I class medical check at an Aviation Legal Medicine Institution
To prove to have a basic knowledge of physics and mathematics and a good knowledge of the English language

For the keepers of a license for private or commercial flights and for gliding some reductions in the flight practice necessary to achieve the helicopter licenses are foreseen.

Once 155 total flight hours have been performed, the courses provides 30 hours on a R22 dual control helicopter (5 of them can be performed on a FNPTII simulator with instructor), 5 night flight hours, a theoretical course and English didactic material. The license is achieved by passing a quiz-structured theoretical exam in English to be held in Rome or Milan, and a practical test at the school headquarters.


A CPL(H) (or PPL(H) license-keeper who passed the theoretical exams required for the commercial license, can achieve the VFR dual control Instructor qualification. This qualification allows to carry out activities as a flight instructor on board of single-engine VFR helicopters.
The requested flight activity amounts to 30 hours on R22 helicopters. 5 of them can be carried out together with another pupil of the same course, thus reducing the cost of the course.


To expand and improve your flight activities in order to get confident in the most difficult missions and environments.



A PPL(H) license keeper can achieve the qualification for the night flight using single-engine helicopters such as Robinson R22, R44 or HU 269.
For the course, 10 diurnal training hours are required and 5 night flight hours.

ATP-H Airline Pilot

It is a theoretical course preparing to pass the qualification exams for the subsequent release of the License. To be allowed to enroll in the course a pilot must have at least a PPL(H) license, a medical certification still valid and must prove to have a good English, mathematics and physics knowledge. The course consists of 550 hours of theoretical matters and must be carried out in a span of time of 18 months maximum.

IRI-H Instrument Rating + RENEWAL

An aviation license keeper can achieve the qualification to instrumental flight (IR) to use helicopters and to fly in obedience with the Instrumental Flight Rules.
The course is made up of a theoretical course, followed by a multiple choice structured examination in English and a practical course that is structured as follows:
5 hours instrumental basics on R22
40 hours on a simulator
10 hours on a double engine IFR certified helicopter

The CPLH license keepers are exempt from the 5 hours instrumental basics course.

MCC-H Multi Crew Cooperation + RENEWAL (VFR/IFR)

The course to get the qualification for a Multi Crew Cooperation is necessary when a pilot must operate double engine helicopters in such environments as those requiring the presence of two pilots at the same time, such as for instance the helicopter rescue service or the transfer of passengers to peculiar areas. It qualifies for the team job and is made up of 25 hours of theory and 20 hours of practice to be performed with a colleague. It can be VFR or IFR depending on the fact that one wants to perform contact flying or doesn’t. The qualification is needed when an airline pilot license for helicopters is wished.

FF-H Fire Fighting Pilot *ENAC Approved + RENEWAL

EASA has enabled the single nations to set the rules for the flight sector for Wood Fire Fighting. In 2009 ENAC already approved the course proposed by North West Service, a quite advanced reality as far as training is concerned.

Once got the qualification, this course enables the Pilot to apply for a position at private companies already performing in the field, proving to have a high standard training.

The course thoroughly prepares the pilots to face wood fires by providing them with a wide and specific knowledge of fires (origin and development), with sound fundamentals on intervention techniques and tactics and on the integration into the organizational system, focusing on the safety concepts through an accurate check of problems and situations. It also provides for the achievement of a level and a theoretical training and practice tests on the maneuver techniques on the ground and in the air.


Courses for those who need to work and must operate on different helicopter types, starting from the single engine models up to multi engine models used on the market.


  • Robinson R22 R44 + Renewal
  • SCHWEIZER HU269 + Renewal
  • Bell 206 + Renewal
  • Aerospatiale SA313/318 + Renewal
  • Aerospatiale SA315/316/319 + Renewal
  • EUROCOPTER EC120B + Renewal
  • EUROCOPTER EC130/S350 + Renewal
  • Eurocopter AS355 + Renewal
  • EUROCOPTER EC135/635 + Renewal
  • EUROCOPTER EC155/S365 + Renewal
  • Bell 212/412 + Renewal
  • AGUSTA A109 + Renewal
  • AGUSTA AW109 + Renewal
  • AGUSTA AW139 + Renewal
  • EUROCOPTER S355 + Renewal
  • EUROCOPTER EC135/635 + Renewal
  • EUROCOPTER EC155/S365 + Renewal
  • BELL 212/412 + Renewal
  • AGUSTA AW139 + Renewal


Theoretical courses specifically thought for activities performed with helicopters, useful to keep your professional skills at a high level and to cater to the needs of your activity. Some of these are performed jointly working with CONTINUOUS SAFETYTM
  • Crew & Maintenance Resource Management
  • Human Factors Safety Culture Training
  • Operations Risk Management (ORM)
  • Fatigue Risk Management (FRMS)
  • Approved Training Organizations & Safety
  • HEMS & Commercial Specialised Air operations
  • EASA Part 21, Part M & Part 145 Safety Training
  • Heliport Airside Ground Safety



In an constantly evolving world, the optimization of costs and timing enhances the efficiency and the efficacy of one’s job.
North West Service has implemented a direct cooperation with international partners in order to provide courses on specific Flight Simulator Standard Devices for every operational need.
For their training the pupils, tutored by our qualified instructors, can use Full Fly Simulators based in Stockholm, Helsinky, Abu Dabi and Dubai besides the FNPTII simulators based in Italy, granting the best of the technology available on the market.





La soluzione dei corsi a distanza offre all’allievo la possibilità di ottimizzare tempo e risorse potendo concentrarsi direttamente da propria sede sulle materie di studio.


The solution of distance learning enables the pupils to optimize time and resources as they can study from their own place.
This method, approved and integrated into the specifications of our organization, provides a further plus to different course typologies among which:

ATP-H Airline Pilot + approved DISTANCE LEARNING
CREW COURSES + also provided in the DISTANCE LEARNING mode
CREW & SUPPORT COURSES + also provided in the DISTANCE LEARNING mode


The North West Service TEA is the Official Test Center N° 77.
The TEA Test is a test of English recognized by the Civil Aviation Authority for the ICAO Language Proficiency certification, mandatory for all pilots holding ATPL and all pilots CPL / PPL wishing to fly under IFR or VFR outside Italy or performing TPL flights.
From 01 March 2017, the retail price for TEA in Italy will be € 145 per test.

The basic training activity is carried out with the following means, depending on the course typology:

Robinson R22Robinson R44Schweizer 269AS 350 BA

For the training activity, we have ALL HELICOPTER MODELS available as indicated in the different authorized courses we are proposing.