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North West Service
Air services with helicopters
The passion of flying, the professionalism of experts

North West Service A wide range of solutions in the helicopter field

We offer all the legislation-approved qualifications to become a helicopter pilot at any level.
We are the first ENAC-recognised training centre dedicated to targeted professional training.
We offer the most qualified and efficient passenger transport service in the area.
We organise helicopter tours that provide an opportunity to see the most beautiful places from a new angle: by flying over them.
We offer coordination, certification and management of helipads and heliports for organisations or individuals.
We offer full assistance to helicopter owners to keep their aircraft operational and efficient.
We are available for special events and occasions, such as advertising flights, panoramic flights, weddings, etc.
We carry out photographic, cinematographic and sporting event services from helicopters.
North West Service

Flight school for helicopter pilots and helicopter services

Headquartered in Busano, a few kilometres from Turin, North West Service is a leading company in professional training for helicopter pilots and UAS pilots. It focuses in particular on passenger transport services, events, aerial shots and on managing helipads and vehicles for individuals, companies and public bodies.

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Why choose North West Service


Technical/operational staff trained by experienced and reliable personnel


A fleet suitable for every need, offering maximum safety and comfort


We boast international collaborations with major companies in the sector


Via Stefano Bruda, 33
10080 Busano (TO)

+39 0124 422018

+39 339 255 9900


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